Ludwig the caterpillar

Oh yeah, “Garngrammatiks” version is a girl, her name is Laila the caterpillar and unfortunately she hasn’t translated the recipe yet 🙁
BUT, mine is a dude, and his name is Ludwig ♥

Louise from “”, makes the best DIY’s and fabricate the cutest things (I know, I mention Louise all the time – but she is AWESOME!)

Take a look at her English website here

Louise’s copyright says that you can not sell any of the items you produce from her patterns, please respect this.

I almost followed Louise’s recipe a 100%, but I used 8/8 cotton, and I made the eyes differently. 


My eyes, is approximately 5 cm wide (with 8/8 yarn):

With black yarn: Make a magic ring with 6 sc (US)
Round 1: *2 sc tog* (12)
Round 2: *1 sc, 2 sc tog* (18)
Finish with a slip st and close

Now take the eyecolour you want  and make a slip stitch in the same slip st you finished your last round with.
Slip st all the way around (18)
Finish with a slip st, and close

Turn the eye around (you have to crochet form the backside now)
Use white yarn and make a slip st near the last slip st you made (the eyelid will cover it)
*2 dc* (36)
Finish with a slip st and close

It is not necessary to make your finishes “pretty” – the eyelid will cover it, and that is why the slip stitches have to be near each other.


Chain 11
2 sc tog, 8 sc, 2 sc tog
Turn with 1 loop (what is that called in english? 😉 )
2 sc tog, 6 sc, 2 sc tog
2 sc tog, 4 sc, 2 sc tog
2 sc tog, 2 sc tog
Close and leave about 80 cm of yarn, you will have to use this, to sew your eyelid on the eye

A little crocked, – oh well 🙂

Do you want your caterpillar to be extra sleepy, start with chaining 13
Does it look evil instead of sleepy, – I’m suddenly in doubt, haha…



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