Safety regarding pacifier clips

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There are MANY opinions about how long a pacifier clip should be. In Denmark the official Safety Counsil has made a rule, that all makers of pacifier clips (also them in the shops) has to follow.
I wrote them, so I was sure I had the right information, cause it was a common view that the 22 cm (8,66 inches) was the whole thing; MAM-adaptor, clip and chain! – IT’S NOT

The Danish Safety Counsil wrote this in an e-mail to me
“The 22 cm is the length of the chain. It’s from where the chain is fastened on the clip to where it’s fastened on the pacifier. If you use a permanent fastening unit (MAM-adaptor, O-ring or crocheted ring), then you have to measure from the fastening on the clip to the end op the permanent fastening unit”.

The standards are further described in a PDF-file: EN 12586:2007 + A1:2011 that can be bought at

So it’s like the picture below, if you use a MAM-adaptor, O-ring or you crochet af ring yourself. The picture was also in the e-mail to the Danish Safety Counsil.


Naturally some might think; ” yeah that’s all good … But WHY does it have to be shorter with an MAM-adaptor? It’s the same thing when the pacifier is in the adaptor!!!”
True … But if the pacifier falls out of the adaptor, the chain is suddenly that much longer and therefore there is a higher risk of suffocation. 

If you don’t use a permanent fastening unit (MAM-adaptor, O-ring, crocheted ring) then be aware of the following:
If you sow your chain around the pacifier and clip, everything is like the picture to the right, because this can’t be opened.
Do you use some kind of button (so the pacifier is easier to change or the clip kan be taken of before wash), then the chain has to be 22 cm (8,66 inch) including the piece you bend around on to the back.

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